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3D Spot UV Business Cards

Our 3D Spot UV business cards are a terrific option for highlighting a brand name or logo. With rais

£ 91.25

Print in the 3rd Dimension

Our 3D Spot UV business cards literally take print to another level.

This amazing effect is created by slowly layering a clear varnish directly on to the lamination. It lays on the surface and dries to create a raised gloss. Printed on thick 350gsm silk paper and with a velvety matt soft touch lamination, these cards will scream tactility.

The perfect enhancement to a minimal but bold design. Use the 3D spot UV varnish to pick out elements within your design. Combine the 3D spot UV with a graduated design underneath to create a masterpiece!

Technical Specifications for 3D spot UV printing

Artwork specification: 3D spot UV business cards

If you are printing a one-sided document, then a 2-page PDF is required:
Page 1 is the CMYK artwork and page 2 is the 3D spot UV artwork.

If you are printing a double-sided document, with 3D spot UV to one side, please submit a 4-page PDF:

Page 1 is the front of the artwork
Page 2 is the back of the artwork
Page 3 is the 3D spot varnish artwork
Page 4 is blank.

The 3D spot UV artwork should contain solid black shapes in the exact position where the raised varnish is required. Please ensure 3D spot UV artwork is supplied as a vector is 100% black only and does not contain any cyan, magenta or yellow.

Please note: The application of 3D spot UV varnish has registration tolerances of approximately �0.5 mm. It is not therefore recommended that small text (10pt minimum) or thin lines (1pt minimum) to be varnished as perfect register cannot be guaranteed.

  • Finished size is 85 x 55mm (91 x 61mm with 3mm bleed)
  • Include 3mm bleed on all sides
  • Supply as a CMYK PDF
  • Outline or embed fonts
  • 300dpi resolution
  • Any element that requires 3D spot varnish must be at least 3mm from the trim edge.
  • The minimum font size is 10pt and line weights should be at least 1pt.
  • Crop Marks Required